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The coat, color, gait and disposition of Tibetan Mastiff

Scientific explanation of some important features of the Tibetan mastiff, today, the Tibetan mastiff information network first to provide you with four points (hair, color, gait, temperament) key points for beginners reference learning:
Unique double coat. The undercoat is short, dense and soft, nearly wool. The outer coat is quite rough, there shall be no approximate silky soft, fluffy may of course also a scene of chaos. The neck hair thick, long and dense hair surrounded neck ruff, short round head cover cover soft mat tufted hair began to extend from the neck to the dog tail, like a cloak. The hair of the dog’s limbs and abdomen is short, and its hair is delicate and supple. The undercoat will gradually warm up because of the climate. Therefore, in the hot weather season, the examination of Mao’s fur also constitutes considerable distress. Arguably, thinning in summer should not be considered a fault. When the coat Jinchang, lower coat Yingchang quite thick and does not penetrate the skin of dogs.
Black, chocolate, tan and rock gray, with or without maroon markings and golden shades. The shades of gold and maroon markings may range from cream to dark red and gold, with or without sable or black color. White can appear in the chest, neck and foot. Pigmentation on lips, nose, eye, usually black, light colored varieties (chocolate, blue and gold) pigment may be diluted.
Steady, mobile, flexible, with a purposeful speed. A standard and orderly stride. Running forward can make a clear footprint.
A loyal companion and guardian of nature. Highly intelligent, strong willed, independent, deep, protective, patient and tolerant when needed, alert to strangers. There should be indifference, protection and lack of enthusiasm in any exhibition, and the correct evaluation can not be belittled by it.

Tibetan mastiff breeding program complete record

The male has a very important effect on the quality of the next generation, so we should first choose the appearance quality, in the choice of male health, pure color of the Tibetan mastiff, then investigate the mating ability and genetic ability, so as to be able to produce good offspring. The important thing is that our chosen mastiff does not have to be the best, but it must be the most suitable one for the female mastiff. That no man is perfect, the Tibetan mastiff is also true, we should fully understand the female kind of their own, find the advantages and disadvantages of their own, and to find the right dog according to these disadvantages, this is the so-called “complementary principle.”.
Choose a pair of Tibetan mastiff, the next step is to prepare to enter the Tibetan mastiff estrus, in addition to the normal diet and health examination, mother of the heat time is the most attention, if mishandled, might miss the best period of Tibetan mastiff breeding. To determine the general female estrus began with the vaginal secretions appear blood samples to calculate the change of this period of female body and behavior will take place characteristic, should pay attention to observing and recording, when the mother appeared to mating signs, this is the best of the mating period of Tibetan mastiff.
During pregnancy, the mother mastiff becomes the focus of the Tibetan friends. Generally in the early pregnancy, the mother’s appetite is poor, should be appropriate to adjust the taste of food. Normal feeding after a period of time, with abdominal fetal development, mother of the appetite and food intake began to increase, need to increase food intake, but in order to avoid the mother of satiety affect digestion, can take Shaoshiduocan methods.
During pregnancy, in addition to providing the mother mastiff rich nutrition, but also to take good care of it, for it to create a quiet and comfortable living environment. Pregnant female emotional ups and downs, even manic etc., then we need to ensure that the mother of the living environment of the calm, reduce the frequency of birth, to prevent mother due to excessive excitement caused abortion. Feeding mother of the kennel to spacious, clean and dry, quiet, full of light, fresh air, suitable temperature, and regular disinfection, cleaning, near the due date but also for a mother to do labor to prepare, the shop with a clean and soft hay, avoid a mother lying on the cold hard ground.
Moderate sunshine is necessary for a mother, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can kill the mother of external parasites and microbes, improve skin temperature, promote blood circulation, and can promote the body to produce more vitamin D, promote bone formation, beneficial to the growth of fetus to mother of 2 every day should be guaranteed 3 hours of outdoor activities, time not too long, not too violent activities, ensure female activities will be slow.

The living environment and standard wool of Tibetan Mastiff

The environment and the Tibetan mastiff coat: the average annual temperature of the vast area of Tibetan mastiff distribution is extremely low, the temperature difference between day and night, the days are making a bed at night, in order to withstand tens of degrees below zero cold and storm. For thousands of years, the Tibetan mastiff evolved into a unique double coat, which is a long article hard and thick mane, able to fly floating ice separated, the second layers of thick felt like fluff from them, and the subcutaneous thick fat layer. To build the three layers of protective defense cold effectively.
Essential information´╝Ü
[name]: Tibet mastiff breeds
[English name]: Tibetan Mastiff
[classification of type: canine type)
[classification of dogs]: working dogs, loyal and reliable type
[history]: the origin of China, originated in tenth Century.
[overall appearance]: strong and powerful, huge in shape, well developed in bones and muscles, dignified and serene in expression
[habits]: companion dog care, slow growth, female 2-3 years to reach maturity, the dog is at least 4 years old before they become mature adult dogs
[temperament]: strong autonomy, full of territorial consciousness, loyal to the master.
[head]: broad skull, large, occipital, frontal and occipital clear, first volume amount to the tip of the nose in equal proportion, but the length of the nose can be shorter. Wide nose.
[eye]: God’s eyes, dark shiny, medium size, with shades of brown.
[ears]: larger ears, triangular, natural drooping, close to the front of the face. Rise naturally when you are alert. Downy soft ears covered with relatively short hair.
[mouth]: before, before the upper lower teeth smooth, upper and lower a scissor bite (gear teeth bite), tightly bound, so that the jaw (LIP) is a square, cube shape keep nasal tube. Flat teeth are acceptable.
[neck]: bulky, muscular, rarely drooping, bent, covered with erect bristles.
[body front]: shoulders flat fall, backbone muscle developed. Forelegs straight and stout, slightly sloping toward upright.
Torso: stout, straight back, broad, muscular, and slightly squat. Chest sagging and below upper elbow. Trunk length is slightly greater than height.
[paw]: feet larger, symmetrical, hair between the toes, similar to the claws of cats.
[tail]: medium length, length can not exceed ankle joints, and the back is a line, natural roll up, tail hair longer and fluffy, rolled up when the flower shape (commonly known as “chrysanthemum tail”).
[gait]: the pace is light, elastic, free, powerful, and running straight. It’s very easy to walk.
[fur]: thick hair (dense) and long, more densely in winter than in summer, males are longer than female hair, neck and shoulder (and back) with longer and thicker hair. Long hair at the back of the lower leg.
[color]: black, brown, Tan, various forms of various forms of gold, gray, and cream and chocolate color, white mark chest stellate white and foot slightly is acceptable. The “eye” upper limbs and lower mark eyes, tail end can be very light color.
The husband, a Ming Yan, fight and kill. — “Zuo Xuan Gong two years”
A Chinese is a legendary dog, nine dogs in a kennel, ghosts can be seen through, evil, God is to protect the Tibet tibetans. The standard of Tibetan mastiff and claws have dark yellow chest, hands like claws like the palm outstretched, but also on the lower lip lips droop snout wrap, on each of the two beautiful teeth.
[] physiological phenomenon: now many people love the Tibetan mastiff mastiff into the Central Plains, due to the temperature humid warm city, every year around January the majority of Tibetan mastiff estrus, or over several months in advance is also normal, not in oestrus time to determine whether the genus of purebred Tibetan mastiff.

Characteristics and value of native Tibetan Mastiff

Also known as “native mastiff”, “original mastiff”, generally refers to the direct from Qinghai, Tibet and other pastoral areas directly down purebred purebred Tibetan mastiff, rather than simply put the Tibetan mastiff into the pastoral areas to raise for several months, back in the mainland. The personage inside course of study thinks more, native Tibetan mastiff is “never improved, optimized,” the product of the ancient Tibetan mastiff. As the Tibetan mastiff grew up from the pastoral areas, the harsh environment created the wild nature of such fierce mastiff, so most of them are more ferocious and cruel than the ordinary Tibetan mastiff, and at the same time they are more loyal and obedient to their masters.
A few distinct features of native Tibetan mastiff:
1., the neck or tail has a lump or ball of hair, because in Tibet, Qinghai and other pastoral areas, the real herdsmen rarely have time to specialized to the Tibetan mastiff combing hair.
2. colors for most of yellow soil or black white Berchemia tiger lion head, give a person a kind of similar to the “dog” feeling, because they have beautiful Tibetan mastiff as early as a few years ago it was bought by a friend.
3., there may be many scars, in the pastoral areas, the Tibetan mastiff’s task and responsibility is to fight with beasts and wolves, the real Tibetan mastiff is from countless battles honed out.
4., most of the neck will have a circle of no hair place, this is a long-term tie chain generated.
Figure 5. is generally thin, but the limbs are more robust, and when the unique Tibetan mastiff crazy, the dust is often thrown flying a few meters outside the native Tibetan mastiff present situation: since the native Tibetan Mastiff in Tibetan mastiff products before optimization improved with no advantage at all, so the native Tibetan mastiff gradually be optimized by the improved version of the Tibetan mastiff instead, and slowly began to disappear from sight, but as part of a age was 5-6 years old, every year there will be a lot of native Tibetan mastiff from us, a fact that this is a how also cannot accept.
The value of native Tibetan mastiff:
The relationship between native mastiff and improved mastiff is like trees and desks. Trees can be made into desks, but desks can never be reduced to trees.
The meaning of native Tibetan mastiff:
With the growing popularity of Tibetan Mastiff in the mainland of China, more and more people are investing in the Tibetan mastiff breeding team. From the breeding of the famous mastiff, you can see that the Tibetan mastiff’s bone mass, front page, hair color, physique are very consistent with the current aesthetic. It is so, people to treat them more like a pearl in the palm. The Tibetan Mastiff has long been pampered in the environment, has begun to gradually lose the Tibetan mastiff and some of the wild, there is more of the Chinese version of “Saint bernard”. This is a person cannot accept love thing, but now the economic environment has created these, if in 90s, the name is “the protection of Tibetan mastiff” slogan, it should now be changed to “protect the ancient lineage of the native Tibetan mastiff” the slogan of the Tibetan mastiff is the original varieties of the world large dogs, also known as the Tibetan dog, some dog, dog, dog fan Qiang, native to Tibet. Living in an alpine region 3000-5000 meters above sea level.

Breeding, management and cultivation of Tibetan mastiff breeding dogs

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In the case of penicillin, nip in the bud; to drink cold boiling water, and add a little salt; with the origin and feed less often add, all these measures in the incubation stage of dogs, the Tibetan mastiff puppy should be especially careful, always observe during the activities, diet, stool doggy habits will be born to weaning puppies called suckling puppy, and sexually mature before weaning puppies are called bred dogs. As far as Tibetan mastiff is concerned. Because of its slow development and late sexual maturity, the breeding dog is a Tibetan mastiff at 45 days old (weaning) to 10 month old. The Tibetan mastiff breeding dog has undergone a period of nearly eight months, and has experienced the process of development and development both in body shape and appearance and temperament. Therefore, pays special attention to the Tibetan mastiff dogs bred breeding management and cultivation of the successful shaping and has ideal morphology, shape and appearance, temperament and taste, shape and temperament of Han Wei has excellent Tibetan mastiff bear wind fomesafen is very important!

Attention should be paid to Tibetan mastiff at first sight

Just as everyone has the basic impression of Tibetan mastiff, the Tibetan mastiff is the most loyal and ferocious dog in the world. At the same time, the Tibetan mastiff spirit but also make a lot of people in the best of spirits, hope to find out, but because of the Tibetan mastiff ferocious “notoriety” smell deterred, mentally disturbed. In fact, the Tibetan mastiff is not so terrible in the legend, as long as you pay attention to the following aspects, so you can also meet the wish of joy.
First of all, before you see the Tibetan mastiff, you must say hello to the host, and accompanied by the owner into the kennel. As we all know, the Tibetan mastiff is a highly faithful and conscientious dog, and the Tibetan mastiff is also a dog with a strong sense of territory. If there is no master accompanied by trespassing into the territory of the Tibetan mastiff, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Secondly, although the Tibetan mastiff’s eyes are not distinguish colors, but according to experts, many years of breeding Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff taboo of rhubarb and red, see the two color reaction will be more intense, so it is best to avoid wearing the two colors of the clothes in front of the Tibetan mastiff.
Once again, after seeing the Tibetan mastiff, don’t be too close, because it is impossible for you to coexist peacefully with the Tibetan mastiff for the first time. Do not have such an idea. Tibetan mastiff, after all, is not a pet dog. Many excellent mastiff, except the owner, can not approach even the breeder, let alone strangers. At the same time, we must pay attention to the expression of Tibetan mastiff, general Tibetan mastiff, strangers will be on the alert, the two eyes will stare at strangers, constantly shouting, there is a flutter and bite action. If you see the Tibetan Mastiff has standing hair, face changes and eyes suddenly fierce shining performance, then it is more unusual to be careful, this is the Tibetan mastiff to attack the omen.
Finally, according to the experts for many years breeding Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff spirit shown in this time, it is a guest or friend can usually tell the owner brought in, won’t do anything. But for the malevolent or not very authentic human power will be particularly large, so we should pay special attention to this point.

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